Greystar and BoConcept set the bar for BTR living in Spain

In collaboration with Greystar, a leading global property management and investment firm, we have brought our signature blend of contemporary design and functionality to the BTR landscape in Spain, recently appearing in Be Casa Essentials Barajas Boulevard development in Madrid.

Contributing the ‘BoConcept expertise’ in high-quality, stylish furnishings, Be Casa Essential providing premier property management services, and Greystar overseeing the strategic aspects of the project.


As the BTR sector continues to gain momentum in Spain, BoConcept's collaboration with Greystar is poised to make a significant impact, offering solutions that enhance the desirability and marketability of rental properties. This strategic move reaffirms BoConcept's position as a trendsetter in the world of design and real estate, providing a fresh perspective on contemporary living in the Spanish rental market.


From chic living room ensembles to sophisticated bedroom furniture, every piece has been meticulously chosen to elevate the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the rental units. 


This venture signifies BoConcept's dedication to expanding its global B2B presence and adapting to the evolving needs of the real estate market. By collaborating with industry leaders like Greystar, BoConcept aims to set new standards for furnished rental properties, ensuring a premium living experience for tenants.

Building on our success in the BTR sector, particularly in the UK, BoConcept’s thriving presence in this dynamic market serves as a testament to our expertise and adaptability. Having established a strong foothold in the bustling BTR landscape of London, we have gained invaluable insights into the evolving preferences and demands of modern urban living. Our proficiency in creating stylish, long-lasting, and functional living spaces has positioned us as a leader in the London BTR sector.


Through this cross-continental journey, BoConcept not only showcases its adaptability but also establishes itself as a global leader in shaping the future of contemporary living within the expanding BTR sector. 


‘The apartments that boconcept furnished absolutely exceeded our expectations in every way, shape or form. I would recommend BoConcept to any owner and operator of real-estate who is looking to reimagine their brand and bring it to the next level.’
John Grubb, Asset Manager at Greystar Spain

As we extend our influence to Spain, specifically Madrid, BoConcept is well-poised to share our wealth of knowledge and experience. The learnings garnered from the UK's dynamic market will be instrumental in setting examples and standards for the evolving BTR landscape in Madrid. BoConcept's commitment to delivering high-quality, design-forward furnishings aligns seamlessly with the emerging demands of the Spanish BTR market.


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