Design Matters: The BoConcept Advantage in BTR investments

In the dynamic world of real estate, the significance of high-end furniture and quality interior design in rental properties cannot be overstated. A recent study conducted by Homeviews, in which we actively participated, sheds light on the undeniable value these elements bring to residential developments, particularly when furnished by renowned brands such as BoConcept.

Non-BoConcept-furnished properties received an overall rating of 4.43, with a design score of 4.44. In contrast, properties furnished by BoConcept received a higher overall rating of 4.49, coupled with an impressive design score of 4.53.


According to the Homeviews report, developments that we furnished boast an aggregated design score of 4.48, surpassing the benchmark by 5.3%. This indicates a substantial positive impact on the overall design scores of the buildings, solidifying the claim that the choice of furniture and well considered interior design is a crucial factor in shaping residents' perceptions.

A striking comparison between developments furnished by BoConcept and those without reveals a notable difference in ratings, highlighting the tangible contribution of high-end furniture to the overall appeal of a property. Specifically, residents at Victory Plaza expressed their delight in the stunning design and high-quality furniture in their homes. The report showcases residents' joy in returning to well-designed and aesthetically pleasing spaces, underlining the positive impact on their overall living experience.


All developments furnished by BoConcept rated well above the UK benchmark for Design, demonstrating the importance of high quality furnishings in the tenants perspective. 


Similarly, residents at Uncle Wembley praise the modern and homely design of the building, emphasizing the contemporary, good-looking, and comfortable furniture in communal areas. The high quality of beds, sofas, and other furniture items is acknowledged for setting superior standards and enhancing comfort, creating a stylish living environment. At Apo Kew Bridge, the furnished apartments are also commended for their quality and tenant-centric design, reinforcing the notion that investing in high-end furniture elevates the living experience for residents.

A surprising revelation from this study is that the name 'BoConcept' was not explicitly mentioned in the questions, yet tenants organically included it in their responses. This unexpected finding highlights strong brand awareness among residents, showcasing our brands significant impact on their living experience.


All developments furnished by BoConcept rated well above the UK benchmark for Design, demonstrating the importance of high quality furnishings in the tenants perspective. 


The Homeviews report provides compelling evidence that high-end furniture, a recognisable brand, and quality interior design significantly contribute to the overall value and desirability of rental properties. The study reinforces the notion that investing in these elements is a strategic decision that pays dividends in enhancing tenant satisfaction and property marketability.


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