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We are thrilled to announce a timely collaboration between BoConcept and BTR News! At BoConcept, we pride ourselves on being a globally recognised leader in contemporary furniture and design, and we are taking our commitment to the Build to Rent industry to new heights by becoming proud sponsors of BTR News.



As an international brand with a strong presence across the globe, our core values of design, quality, and innovation perfectly align with the mission of the BTR sector to offer high-quality, modern living spaces while prioritising environmental responsibility. BoConcept has already made a significant impact in the Build to Rent market, especially in the vibrant city of London. Over the past five years, we have furnished over 3,000 Build to Rent homes in the UK, with more than 2,000 pipelined for delivery, earning a reputation as a trusted partner for developers and property managers.
Our dedication to delivering top-notch, contemporary furniture solutions mirrors the modern and sophisticated lifestyles of urban dwellers, making BoConcept the preferred choice for creating inviting and stylish living spaces in the heart of the BTR sector's growth. This collaboration signifies the perfect synergy between a brand committed to quality and sustainability and a platform dedicated to shaping the future of the BTR sector.
Our Director, Michel Baumgart, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “Stay tuned as we bring you the latest developments, trends, and expert insights in the BTR sector. Explore how BoConcept's furniture solutions can elevate the living experience in Build to Rent communities. We are genuinely excited about the future of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on the BTR industry.”


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Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey! To find out how we can help with your latest BTR project, please get in touch with one of our team members, who will be happy to help. Come and visit our office in our flagship Tottenham Court Road showroom, call us at 020 7383 3226, or email us at enquiries@boconcept-london.co.uk to discuss how we can help you today.



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