Official Sponsors of the UKAA

We are thrilled to announce that we are official corporate sponsors of the UKAA, who are at the forefront of transforming the rental sector, advocating for higher standards, and creating a community that fosters collaboration and growth. As corporate sponsors, we are committed to contributing to this vibrant ecosystem, bringing our expertise to the forefront of the UK's rental landscape.

The UKAA has demonstrated itself to be the leading association in the build to rent sector in the UK, making this an ideal collaboration given our recent successes in this industry.  


Over the last five years, we’ve delivered over 3,000 units to companies such as UNCLE, Get Living, Imperial College, Apo, Westfield, and many others. We currently have more than 2,000 units in the pipeline, making this perfect timing for this collaboration to ensue.  

We understand the importance of creating spaces that not only look exceptional but are also functional and adaptable to the changing needs of tenants and property developers. Our partnership with the UKAA allows us to be part of a broader conversation about the future of living spaces in the UK, ensuring that they are designed with the end-user's comfort and lifestyle in mind.


Our recently installation at UNCLE Colindale is a prime example of how our quality, functionality and aesthetics are perfect for the BTR market.   


This sponsorship shows our commitment to being active participants in shaping the future of the UK's rental market. We look forward to engaging with other UKAA members, sharing insights, and contributing to the development of standards that elevate the living experiences of tenants across the country.

Stay tuned for updates on our activities with the UKAA as there is a lot to look forward to, from events such as Expo, the annual conference, supplier forums, and study tours. All providing a great opportunity to network with potential clients and like-minded suppliers with whom we can share knowledge and learn from.


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