The Hummingbird by Karim Rashid

The Hummingbird Flat is a recently unveiled interior design marvel in London, showcasing the genius of Karim Rashid through its dynamic and vibrant spaces and brought to life with perfectly curated pieces from our collection, including Rashid’s very own designs.

9 Hanover Street © Amy Hunter Photography (5) (1)
Rashid first worked with BoConcept in 2012 for the Red Dot and Good Design awarded Ottawa collection, his most recent collaboration is the Chelsea collection in which he has chosen to feature in this London interiors project.   


The Hummingbird Flat in London is a vivid expression of Karim Rashid's distinctive design ethos. Known for his signature use of bold colour and organic shapes, Rashid has over four decades shaped the visual and functional aspects of design and architecture. His work is instantly recognizable, often characterized by a futuristic and fluid aesthetic that defies the mundane.


9 Hanover Street © Amy Hunter Photography (4) (1)
Chelsea is a minimal yet emotive collection comprising 2.5-seater sofa, matching chair, plus wall, floor-standing and pendant lamps.   


In collaboration with BoConcept since 2012, Rashid has channelled his innovative spirit into a range of furniture that encapsulates both brands dedication to modern, functional design. The Hummingbird flat is a testament to this fruitful partnership, featuring Rashid’s own creation for BoConcept, the Chelsea Collection. This collection, inspired by the compact-living settings of the Chelsea neighbourhood in New York City, emphasizes the importance of visual and tactile comfort in urban living spaces.

The Chelsea sofa is a perfect blend of form and function. It features a soft, feminine, and organic design that resonates with Rashid's philosophy of removing hard surfaces and sharp edges to create a sense of calm and comfort. Showcased in this apartment in a bold Mustard colour, filling the room with its character and becoming the focal point of this vibrant space.


9 Hanover Street © Amy Hunter Photography (6) (1)
Karim Rashid chose the Chelsea collection for this apartment as it epitomizes his design language of fluid organic forms.   


Every element within the Hummingbird Flat has been meticulously selected to embody Rashid’s uniquestyle and the result is an environment that is as aesthetically engaging yet also comfortable and inviting. It is an example of how a living space can be transformed into an immersive experience, a testament to Rashid's and BoConcept's shared vision of creating spaces that are not just lived in but actively enjoyed.


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